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What We Have Been Up To...

Take a look at some of our favorite pictures over the last few months. The FRN wants to provide the community with updates on how the organization operates in Marion County. We are so grateful for all of our volunteers thus far and cannot wait to fill this page with many more kind hearts. 

Day of Action 2 .jpg
Day of Action 1 .jpg

United Way Day of Action kick-off event at Palatine Park

United Way Day of Action volunteers helping the FRN with office clean-up

Milton Hershey .jpg
FRN CM.jpg
Germ Park 6.jpg
COVID Park 1 .jpg
Germ Park 2.jpg

June FRN Community Meeting

United Way Day of Action volunteers 

Milton Hershey School presentation


COVID-19 awareness activities for several MCPARC summer programs. The UV lights were used to show the children how germs are invisible. 

Office staff distributing free backpacks to the community

August FRN Community Meeting

FSU Event 3_edited.jpg
FSU Event 5.jpg

Marion County Starts Smart Backpack Giveaway program distribution 2022

FRN Community Outreach Specialists attending Fairmont State's 2022 Community Resource Fair 

September CM .jpg
September CM 2.jpg
Fall Fest 2022 1.jpg
Fall Fest 2022 3.jpg
Fall Fest 2022 2 .jpg

September FRN Community Meeting


Fall Fest 2022, hosted by the Fairview Library. The FRN passed out free schools supplies and backpacks to children in attendance

Disaster Preparedness Expo 2022, hosted by the Greater Council of Churches


October FRN Community Meeting (featuring a candy jar guessing contest!)

Halloween Soul Stroll 2.JPG
Halloween Soul Stroll 4 .JPG
Halloween Soul Stroll 3.JPG

Community members wearing orange in solidarity with Unity Day, a day to take a stand against bullying!

Halloween Soul Stroll 2022 at Windmill Park

Halloween Games 4.jpg
Halloween Games 7.jpg
Halloween Games 18.jpg
Halloween Games 17.jpg
Halloween Games 19.jpg
Halloween Games 24.jpg
Halloween Games 12.jpg
November CM 6.jpg
November CM 3.jpg
November CM 4.jpg
November CM 2.jpg
November CM 7.jpg

Marion County Public Library Halloween Event 2022 featuring "Frog Bog" and "Boo-toss!"

CAW 40 .jpg
CAW 38.jpg

November FRN Community Meeting, Friendsgiving style!

CAW 11.jpg
CAW 17.jpg

Our first annual Christmas Around the World Event, 2022. For more pictures, please visit the "Christmas Around the World!" tab

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