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You are never just an email, a voice, or a number, and neither are we! This is where you can meet our team and get to know us on a personal level. We are community members, just like you! 

Levitated Objects

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Shannon Hogue




 Jan Smith (she/her)

Title: Administrative Assistant

Bio: Retired Executive Director of The Op Shop, mother of two sons, grandmother of 6.  Love to travel and try new adventures such as hot air ballooning. MSW and MPA , West Virginia University.


Tutor bio.png
Tori Gaston (she/her)

Title: Community Outreach Specialist 

Bio: It's nice to meet you (virtually, of course)! I am from Franklin, New Jersey, and now find myself studying at Fairmont State University. Once my studies are completed, I will have a degree in English Literature and Spanish Education. 

Contact: mcfrnvgsm@gmail.com, cellphone: 304-580-8254

Melvin Salal Rogers (he/him)

Title: Community Outreach Specialist

Bio: A minister, teacher, tutor, story teller, and proud father of six.

Contact: mcfrnmrcos@gmail.com, cellphone: