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Helping children help their friends.

The Marion County Family Resource Network is in collaboration with the Marion County Prosecutor's Office, Fairmont City Police, Marion County Sheriff's Department and other local agencies to help children help their friends with the implementation of the Buddy Box.

These boxes, with Marion County Board of Education permission will allow children to connect with school Counselors and staff by writing a note and putting it in the "Buddy Box" if they see classmates that are in need of help.

"If a child sees their friend doesn't have a coat or shoes they can put a note in the box and the counselors can contact us and we will find the needed resources" Leslie Donaldson, Youth Service Coordinator told us. But if they see bruises on their friend or have been told that their friend is being abused they can put that in the box as well.

A child reporting abuse would take a different turn because all Educators are all mandatory reporters in cases of abuse.

If the Board of Education approves their use the boxes will be in the two elementary schools right away and then in middle schools soon after.